In a previous post I discussed Intention – the setting of a desired outcome, a commitment, a goal and a vision. Intentions drive the creation of your reality, but they need fuel.

Attention is the fuel that makes manifest your intentions. No one can create a piece of art, a business, a relationship, a happy home – insert here anything you can think of – without PAYING ATTENTION.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. Paying attention is the key to manifesting everything you have ever dreamed of in your life. Do you want a better job? What if by using your attention combined with that intention, the job you already have BECAME the better job?


A sad fact of our world today is that many people are lonely. My clientele is made up of lonely people without a sense of hope that loneliness will ever let them go. By paying attention to their loneliness and by giving their attention to the hopelessness of ever finding anyone to share their lives with, they perpetuate that reality. They stay lonely. I retrain them to stop paying attention TO WHAT THEY DO NOT HAVE and instead PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY WANT.

Focusing on lack is always going to bring more lack. If there is a lack of financial stability in your life, the more you concentrate on that and the feelings that insecurity generates, the more lack you will have. Rather than focusing on lack, count your blessings. Write them down if you need to and carry that piece of paper with you everywhere. Whenever you find yourself concerned about your finances, look at that paper. Consciously tell yourself “My Heavenly Father Owns the Universe and Every Need Will Be Supplied.” This is a quote from Isabel Hickey, the author of It Is All Right. Find a copy of that book. I’m sure it’s available at Mayflower Bookshop and if Robert doesn’t have it, he’ll find it. Study that book. Keep it near you. Learn the affirmations by heart. Watch your life change.

Homework on Intention and Attention involves a meditation  for you to practice. If you have tried to meditate and found it difficult or if you aren’t sure you actually did meditate or just sat and thought, try this. As you sit and try to quiet your mind, see your thoughts as a film running across the window of your mind. Don’t grab onto any of them and play with them, just let them float from right to left. You will be calm, your mind will slow down and you will be able to listen to what the Universe wants for you.

All it takes is attention.



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