Astrology: Look Up for Answers


I have studied astrology since I was about 11. The astrology books I brought home made Mom swear I was going to go to Hell. I’m not sure what her picture of Hell looked like, but I was sure I was already there. 

As I looked at my chart and my life, particularly when I was 18+, I found excuses for feeling the way I did about LIFE (definitely in capital letters). I brought those planets up in my mind and said, “Well, no wonder you’re miserable. You have every right to be, you POOR THING.”

It took a reading by another astrologer, who saw right through my self-pity, to get me to stop it. The planets in my chart aren’t responsible for my life, I am. That was a breakthrough moment.


Your natal chart is just that. Think of it as a road map that you can follow throughout life. Some of the roads will be easy ones. Some will be middling easy and some, the hard ones, are the ones you need to pay great attention to because they will help you grow.

I have a client who is a scientist. There is just something there that he doesn’t believe about psychic connections or information. Cool. He wants only astrology readings. I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s the same information, different tool to get to it. But that’s exactly what it is. If you’re getting a reading from an astrologer, you should be getting it, not from a scientific interpretation, but the astrologer should be tapped into YOU, your psyche and your spirit. Then you will benefit from the reading. Anybody with a book and a desire to learn can look at a chart and interpret it. But to find what it MEANS and how it GUIDES your life, you need that psychic connection.

There are many charts in astrology. There’s the natal chart which is the map of the time, date and place you were born and what those cute little planets and stars were doing. And then there’s the Progressed Chart. If you have a few miles on the clock like me, this is an invaluable tool. It shows how your Natal Chart has moved from the day you were born to the age you age are now. The progressed chart uses a “day for a year” method of calculation. I’m not going to mention here how many days from my natal chart I am. I’ll just say I’m not a Capricorn anymore. Nope, I’m a Pisces.

Another chart I use constantly is the Solar Return Chart. This is the day every year close to your birthday during which your sun returns to the exact degree and minute it was at your birth. The other planets and stars are different from your Natal Chart and this difference shows you how your year will progress, what challenges you may have and HOW TO OVERCOME THEM.

Those last four words are the most important of all. The reason for diving deep inside, having a reading from a psychic astrologer, is to help you move through your day, your weeks, months and years of your life. You may have challenges that you don’t know about, operating in the background of your chart but which are influencing decisions you make. If you know what these are, you can start to use the challenges as a benefit, a vehicle for providing for yourself the BEST life possible.

Interested in knowing where life is for you? Shoot me an email

Namaste, Jennifer


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