The Witness


cropped-r15301_image1.jpgThe Witness. Those two words are the most powerful you will hear in meditation training.

The Witness, or Silent Observer, can be seen and felt during meditation. It requires only that you look within to catch a glimpse and then, with practice, the Witness appears to you more and more often, until eventually you will remain in a state where the Witness never leaves.

Go deep inside yourself, ignore outside noises and just breath. Turn your whole attention inside yourself. You won’t need to stop thinking, just quiet your mind. As you focus inside, watch who is watching. See if you can see the Witness, the one always there, the one who never leaves you at any moment of any day whether in meditation or not. Watch the Witness watch you. 

See how you feel. Calming isn’t it? The Witness is non-judgmental, doesn’t say you have to do this or that, the Witness is just content to sit watching you, in peace.

Intention, attention, accessing the Witness, these are all-powerful practices to access the potential in you. The potential to grow in all the ways that you desire, be it in spirit, compassion, selflessness or abundance. Whatever intention is in your heart, the Witness watches. The Witness assists you at all times. You can feel the Witness not only deep inside during meditation but also floating around you, observing you. Like a movie camera from above, around and in the back of you. Just watching. Just supporting you, not judging anything. 


Intention, attention, the Witness ………….. creating your reality the way it was always intended to be.

Sat, Chit, Ananda


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