The Self Powered Life


What is the self powered life? It’s having power deep within yourself that is not dependent on an external condition of your life to remain constant. For instance, say you have a million dollars and that gives you power. Fine but one day you wake up and you don’t have any money. Where’s your power then?

Another example is a title, be it President of the United States or royalty among many others. Well those are good things and the title does give you power. But presidents are not presidents forever and royalty will some day leave this Earth as we all must do. 

Self power is finding a completeness within yourself. Being sure of who you are and immune to the vagaries of other people’s perception of you. They cannot know you as you know yourself. Some are critical because they may be jealous of your peace, your calm. Others might think you’e just a flake for pursuing a spiritual path and not devoting all of your energy to obtaining money and material possessions. In other words, they don’t know.

Self power also means not comparing yourself to anyone else. You don’t have to but we all do that from time to time. If you think this way – I am below no one and above no one – then you start recognizing the equal nature of all souls. Everyone is just part of The One. You are part, I am part of the same One.


Also the self powered person recognizes that One is all others. Knowing that we have the same spirit, we are the same One, then we do not judge anyone. We silently greet each soul we meet with an inner Namaste which means “I bow to the God within you.” It is a powerful mantra.

Finally, the last facet of one who lives a self powered life is amazing. Just amazing considering how we humans spend much of our time living with fear, anxiety and stress – these are all energy zapping states and also they limit growth in every area of our lives. 

The last truth is “I am fearless”. You know that you can meet any challenge presented in your life. You are not frightened of anything. There is no circumstance that will ever destroy you. Because we have never been created, we just always were. And if we were not created, we never die. 

And that’s how I live the self powered life. And it is a magical place to be. 



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