Let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer.  I have spent my whole life pursuing my spiritual actualization. What I have learned on my spiritual path, I hope will be of use you to and I invite you to follow me for the adventures of life.

We’re going to explore  spiritual enlightenment, the scriptures of the ages, astrology and all the insights available from that science, both in Vedic and Western Astrology.

I found my peace, my spirit, my path, as a practitioner of Bhakti Yoga, the chanting of the Name. I practice daily and find the joy, peace and presence available to me in practice to be invaluable. 

I have been psychic my entire life. In my teens, the gift began to frighten me because as as child, I thought everyone saw auras and had visions of things to come. It was only as I aged, as I concretized my existence as a human being, that I found out I could be considered somewhat different.

My first years of recognizing this difference came when I was a religious agnostic. Although I had always sought out different doctrines, I had not one that was yet a part of me. I was lost, in other words.

I studied astrology and looked for a reason why my life was the way it was. It did not occur to me to look inside myself – that lesson was still to come.

I found not reasons for my psychic ability in astrology, nor would I have found those reasons anywhere else. I was only looking for excuses. I found those, sitting right on my ascendant and warring with each other.

As I grew in my knowledge of the Cosmic Consciousness, God, Brahma – whichever name you chose – I began helping others with my gift. I found people lost, I consoled those whose loved ones were gone, I advised them on their future. And I taught them to create their own reality by what they think. 

I have much to offer you as we walk side by side, you on your path and me on mine. For we cannot be on the same path. But if you find something that I say or do helpful, or if you need any advice or just an encouraging smile, please contact me. I’m always there. Always in the present moment. Just click on the link on the bottom right, The Art of Self Referral, for my current posts.